9 best vacuum for hair salon that minimize your cleaning

Best vacuum for hair salon – Finding the ideal vacuum cleaner for their businesses is a common challenge for barber shop owners. They don’t know where to begin looking, which is the issue. There are many different sizes, forms, and functionalities available for vacuum cleaners. Some types are aimed for business uses, while others are built exclusively for stationary, salon, and residential usage. Before purchasing a vacuum cleaner for salons, there are a number of factors to take into account.

TOP 7 best vacuum for hair salon that help you please customers better

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass – Vacuum for hair salon

With its high suction and unique brush design, OnePass Technology is a characteristic of this lightweight vacuum. Bottom Easy A washable foam filter and an empty dirt tank make maintenance easy. In order to allow you to go on with your day, the premium attachments offer cleaner results more quickly.

Using the extension wand, collect dirt and debris high and low. This tool can be used alone or in conjunction with another tool, such as the Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, or TurboBrush. Excellent for cleaning ceilings, fans, and baseboards without putting pressure on your back. The Bissell CleanView Vacuum has a 25-foot power chord for greater cleaning reach.

Best vacuum for hair salon – Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind 

The Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind is ideal for cleaning your entire home from floor to ceiling. The multi-floor brush roll lets you to toggle the brush roll on for maximum carpet cleaning and off to avoid material from being scattered on hard floors.

The innovative multi-cyclonic technology provides a continuous cleaning experience with no lack of suction, while the patented WindTunnel 2 Technology generates two suction channels to lift and remove surface debris as well as deeply buried dirt.

The hassle-free 25-foot power cable instantly retracts in seconds, so you’ll never have to wrap a cord again, and with up to 16 feet of cleaning reach, you can remove dirt and dust anywhere. WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind is ideal for pet owners because of its advanced AllergenBlock Technology, HEPA Media Filter, odor-absorbing carbon, and Pet Turbo Tool.

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator – TOP best vacuum for hair salon 2022

This is a portable 2-in-1 Lift-Away upright vacuum cleaner with a removable pod. Lift Away the pod and quickly clean in hard-to-reach locations with the stroke of a button. This vacuum also boasts swivel steering for easy navigating around furniture and a totally sealed system with a HEPA filter to catch dust and allergens.

This vacuum is rather interesting since it allows the user to raise its pod with the push of a button. Carrying the pod and a 5-foot hose allows you to quickly reach many remote spots. It even includes an anti-allergen seal and HEPA filters. It has an on/off brush roll function that lets you to clean both bare and carpeted surfaces easily.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum has the suction force of a large machine, but cordless mobility. The bin on the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum is 40 percent larger than the bin on the Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum. The torque drive cleaner head of the Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum eliminates 25 percent more dust from carpets than its predecessor. It is their most powerful vacuum head to date.

The head of the soft roller vacuum removes small dust and big particles from hard floors. Has three power modes to accommodate any work on any type of floor. The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cord – Free Vacuum instantly converts to a handheld for fast cleanups, spot cleaning, and cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Filtration of the whole system: The fully-sealed filtration system captures 99.97 percent of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns, releasing cleaner air.

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum – Vacuum for hair salon

Bissell canister vacuums are portable and lightweight. They work well on stairs and a variety of other surfaces, including draperies, upholstery, and automobile interiors. This vacuum makes cleaning any surface appear straightforward. The lightweight construction and carry handle allow portability.

The Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle makes carpet, rugs, and bare floors simple to clean. The telescopic wand permits effortless movement around and under furniture, as well as cleaning of difficult-to-reach locations such as curtains and ceilings. With the press of a button, the cable will automatically unwind after use.

Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum

This upright vacuum is equipped with a motorized lift-away detachable pod for above-floor and under-furniture cleaning, as well as anti-allergen full seal technology and a pet power brush for pet hair and allergies.

The pod detaches to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach regions while continuing to provide power to the brushroll. The vacuum’s Anti – Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filter catch over 99.9 percent of dust and allergens. Large capacity with full-size performance for a whole-house clean, LED spotlights for locating concealed trash, and fingertip controls for switching from Hard Floor to Carpet mode with ease.

Black+Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum – TOP high-quality vacuum

This elegant CHV1410L vacuum cleaner has lithium technology, powerful suction, and fade-free power. With a bagless translucent dirt bowl, it is simple to view and dump the dirt. The hand vacuum retains a charge for up to 18 months when disconnected from the charger and is lightweight enough for fast cleanups around the house.

Smart Charge Technology High efficiency Lithium ion chargers safeguard your Black+Decker hand vac by switching off automatically when the battery is fully charged, allowing you to store your Black+Decker hand vac on the charger while preserving lengthy run times year after year.

Black+Decker has been a leader in invention and design for power tools, accessories, outdoor yard care equipment, home cleaning goods, automotive and lighting products, hardware, and other home improvement products since 1910.

DrainVac Salon Central Vacuum System

Salon personnel are unable to function without a Salon Central Vacuum System. These systems give salons and barbershops with the most efficient cleaning option available. Every station has its own automated dustpan.

Automatic dustpans utilize the suction force of the salon’s central vacuum to draw hair into the inlets without stirring it into the air. Simply sweep the hair and debris to the intake aperture and activate the device with a simple toe touch to remove the hair. Hair Salon Central Vacuum Systems will maintain a clean and hair-free salon.

Guide For Hairdresser/Barber choose best vacuum for hair salon

There are several types and manufacturers of vacuum cleaners on the market. Which one you select relies totally on your demands and specifications. To choose the finest vacuum cleaner for your hair salon or barbershop, you must examine the following things.

a tidy hair salon

Which Kind of Vacuum Cleaner?

There are different kinds of vacuum cleaners, including upright, stick, canister, robotic, handheld, central, and stationary. Each type has its own good points and bad points.

Some types, such as upright and canister vacuums, are best for cleaning floors. Some types, like handheld vacuum cleaners, are best for cleaning things that aren’t on the floor. Some vacuum cleaners have different parts that can be added to them. You can easily clean different surfaces with these attachments.

Suction power

Suction power is another important thing to think about before choosing the best vacuum for a hair salon. If you have carpets or rugs on the floor, you will definitely need a vacuum cleaner that can also pick up hair from the pile.

Since you have to pick up more than just hair from the floor of a hair salon, your vacuum cleaner will always have to pick up small to large pieces of debris. So, the power to pull in air is important.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are easy to use and easy to move around, but they have less suction power than corded vacuum cleaners, which have more suction power but are harder to move.

HEPA Filters

People from all walks of life go to hair salons, nail salons, and barbershops. Some of your clients could have asthma or allergies. So, you should make sure that the dust and hair that your vacuum cleaner picks up don’t get back into the air and that there are no dust particles in the air.

The answer to this problem is the HEPA filter. You should think about getting a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter for your hair salon. This HEPA filter can catch dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. This keeps the air clean and free of dust particles.

Bagged or Bagless

Another important thing to think about when buying a vacuum cleaner for your hair salon or barbershop is whether it has bags or not.

Whether you buy a vacuum with bags or without bags will affect how much it will cost to clean and maintain in the long run.

A bagged vacuum cleaner puts all the dust and dirt in a bag. When this bag is full, it is thrown away. For your next use, you will have to buy a new bag. In the long run, this will cost you more money to clean because you will have to buy a new bag every time the old one is full.

On the other hand, a Bagless vacuum cleaner has a dirt bin that holds all the dust, hair, nails, and other debris. When this bin is full, you can empty it out and use it again.

Dirt Bin Size

“Money is time”. When used in a hair salon, a vacuum cleaner must have a big dirt bin. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a small dirt bin, you will always have to clean and empty the bin.

So, look for a vacuum that can hold a lot of dirt. The dust bin on a central vacuum system is the biggest of all the types of vacuum cleaners. With a bin this big, you won’t have to empty it for weeks or months.

Noise Level

They make a lot of noise. There are different noise levels for each kind of vacuum cleaner.

When you work in a hair salon, you will have to vacuum the floor more often than you might like. That’s because even after one haircut, hair will be all over the floor of your salon. And you wouldn’t want to make a lot of noise every time you used the vacuum in front of your clients or customers.

Even your own employees might have trouble hearing if they are always around a lot of noise.

So, the best vacuum cleaner for your hair salon is one that doesn’t make much noise. The best way to do this is with a central vacuum, whose main unit is installed outside the main work area. There are also other kinds of vacuum cleaners that aren’t too loud.

Anti-Tangle Brush

Most of the trash you’d find in a hair salon would be hair. It’s easy for hair to get caught in the vacuum cleaner brush, especially if it has stiff bristles.

So, instead of cleaning the brush after every cleaning, you should look for a vacuum cleaner with an anti-tangle brush roller for your hair salon. These brush rollers don’t get hair tangled when they pick it up. And it’s a piece of cake to clean them.

Pet Mess

Everywhere people go, they bring their pets with them. The same is true when they get their hair done at a salon. When pets are around, pet messes are to be expected. Find a vacuum cleaner that makes it easy to clean up after your pet’s accidents.

This machine isn’t just for people’s hair; it also works well on pet hair and other dirt around the house. This vacuum has everything you need and can be used in a salon, at home, at the office, etc. You just have to sweep everything around it, and it will pull the stuff in. The floor is tidy and clean.


If you want a vacuum cleaner that can do everything you need it to do for cleaning your hair salon, you should look at the attachments it comes with.

Attachments come with each kind of vacuum cleaner. Every surface can be cleaned better with the help of these attachments. For instance, crevice tools, tools for cleaning upholstery, long wands, extra brush rollers, etc.

If you buy a vacuum cleaner with a lot of attachments, you can use it to clean everything in your hair salon, including the floor, seats, upholstery, tables, shelves, curtains, cracks, etc.

What Is A Hair Salon Central Vacuum?

It is a vacuum system that is used in large places like hair salons, nail salons, beauty salons, and other similar places. The central vacuum system in a hair salon is used to keep the place clean and in order.

So, you no longer have to use regular vacuum cleaners, which not only take up a lot of space but also take up a lot of time. The design of the central vacuum system makes it easy to get to and control. So, you won’t have to spend money on multiple vacuum cleaners of different sizes.

How Do I Choose The Right Vacuum For My Salon?

A vacuum with a high degree of suction and adaptability is required in a salon. For example, it should be able to serve as both a wet/dry vacuum and a variety of attachments for various uses. It should be light and simple to move around, yet not too loud.

The best thing to do is go to a store display and check which weight and size feel suitable to you. This might give you a better sense of what to look for, because a salon is a high-traffic area, and you want a vacuum that can withstand that foot traffic.

You should also ensure that it is comfortable to hold in your arms for extended periods of time and that it has a function that will assist you in cleaning your shoes and other items.

A hair salon central vacuum is an excellent alternative for customers seeking for a vacuum that can withstand foot traffic and includes a feature that allows you to clean your shoes and other items. While it may not be the most pleasant vacuum to use for extended periods of time, it is ideal for tiny rooms and requirements.

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